DriFit the Right Fit

DriFit the Right Fit

We Indians are changing the contents on our plate from Poori chole to brown rice and quinoa, from biryanis to boiled broccolis.

The Indians are experiencing a new change, a new revolution, a boiled revolution which was earlier a fried revolution for all of us and our dear families.
This similar pattern of change is seen now, in the kind of clothes we choose to wear as Indians, where apart from fashion, comfort and style, we also look for the fabric quality of the cloth, we aspire to or like to wear.
 Other criteria which most of us want, apart from the style and design of the cloth is durability.
The boiled revolution of the people of the country gave birth to a new fashion space where boys and girls, middle aged men and women and the elder generation, all explore, all possibilities of style to make their personality distinct and colourful, as they enter that fashion space.
This fashion space which is thriving now with the boiled revolutionaries and is part of the daily routine of many of us, is the one and only, yes...you guessed it right, its your local gym.
We all so enthusiastically want to have a separate wardrobe for our this, special fashion space, but what is missing sometimes in these separate wardrobes is a type of cloth that will not only give us the advantage of fashion, comfort and style but amazing fabric quality with maximum durability.
This special type of cloth for all the gym and fitness enthusiast, the true sons and daughters of the boiled revolution is called the DriFit cloth.
When you say a Drifit, and you are looking to buy a Drifit style, then you will definitely want to see the brand behind manufacturing this special and wonder material. A brand converting a simple DriFit cloth into amazing designs for its durability and fit for its customers.
The Indian brand to really look forward when you say the word DriFit is “ROYALEWAY”.
The brand “ROYALEWAY” comes with a unique combination of fashion, comfort and style in a varied range of DriFit products which the brand is thrilled to introduce to the new revolutionary Indian customers.
1) What is a DriFit Cloth?
This cloth is different from the normal cotton cloth which we Indians have been wearing for generations now.
DriFit cloth is a special material cloth that is worn by all the sports stars and players around the world during their practice sessions and also on their game day.
The reason behind is that Drifit apart from having comfort and style also carries a special property of moisture wicking which keeps the body fresh and dry. This keeps the player going, while he or she is playing and competing hard to win in their respective games.
2) What is wicking?
             Wiking fabrics are type of fabrics which are used to make a driFit outfit, giving the experience of Fashion, comfort and style. The wicking fabrics are actually modern day, highly engineered fabrics which draws the moisture away from the body and keeps the person cool and dry.
3) Advantages of DriFit Cloth
a) India being a tropical country, generally experiences a wet and dry tropical weather. A DriFit cloth helps to absorb all the sweat while an individual is doing any form of physical workout, keeping the person fresh, dry and cool at the same time.
b) The cloth is flowing and has a body mapping property.
c) Its breathable, light weight and quick drying.
d) You don’t get any sweat marks and both men and women can confidently wear a DriFit cloth for its comfort and style.
e) Its shrink resistant, durable and can be also worn as a casual wear.
f) Due to its stretchable properties and availability of different sizes, it becomes your multi occasion fashion and style statement.
g) It’s very easy to wash and dry, so same cloth can be worn again and again without loosing its elasticity or colour, at the same time giving the same comfort and maintaining its sweat absorbing properties.
h) Its usable in all the seasons, summers specially and winters as well.
4) Is DriFit Costly?
        The brand “ROYALEWAY” which specialises in making the range of Drifit clothes have a special goal for the people of INDIA, which is, easy availability of DriFit cloth to every brand conscious and fashion-conscious minds of the country.
This brings us again to the question that” Is DriFit costly?” and the answer is at “ROYALEWAY” DriFit is not costly at all.
The Unique range of DriFit products is available at “ROYALEWAY” for both men and women on more than 50 percent discounts.
The “ROYALEWAY” products that gives an amazing experience of style and comfort are available for both men and women which includes products like DriFit Vest Sando, DRIFIT T Shirt for men with the DriFit Vest Sando being the most popular and the most sellable product of “ROYALEWAY” as it comes with 12 amazing colours Black, White, Red, Light Pink, Lemon Yellow, Ash Blue, Royal Blue, Denim Blue, Peacock Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Camouflage. The Men’s Drifit range comes in a very affordable cost of Rs 299 to Rs 399.
The women Drifit Range also has a product range of Drifit Sandos and Drifit round Neck T-shirts, this range of products not only come with 12 vibrant colours but are Shrink Resistant, Durable, Anti-Pilling, Breathable, Soft hand feel, and is made of a soft fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear.
The cost of the women’s Drifit range is also very affordable for any women who is a student, house wife or a working profession. The cost is around Rs 299 to Rs 399 with an amazing quality and style matching to all the international standards of a DriFit cloth product.
5) What is Antipilling of a DriFit Cloth?
Pills are actually small tight balls formed on the surface of the cloth, when the short fibre in the cloth material come loose or get tangled, and form tiny balls of yarn at the end of the fibre, the main cause of pilling is usually because of rubbing which happens when you constantly wear the cloth and wash the cloth quite often.
The Brand “ROYALEWAY” offers this unique quality of Antipilling in its DriFit clothes which is missing in many other brands. This makes the cloth super durable and reusable without losing its original form, true comfort and style.
6) Is DriFit good for health?
The answer is “YES” based on experience and observations of several DriFit users.
It doesn’t matter if you are a sports person, a yoga buff, a high intensity gym enthusiast or a marathon runner, “ROYALEWAY” DriFit cloth provides breathability, mobility and moves the sweat away from the body to dry it quickly.
This unique quality of the cloth helps both men and women to train better and play better with the DriFit cloth taking care of all the moisture management with its quick dry and
anti-odour properties.
The “ROYALEWAY” drifit cloth is designed and tested for enabling each of its users to stretch his or her abilities and pushing the limits in the activities he or she performs.
Thus, empowering the revolutionary fitness population of the country, to go out fully with no inhibitions and achieve the desired result with style, fashion and comfort.
Never go by the word, go with an experience and experience speaks volume for all the “ROYALEWAY” customers who are growing on all platforms, giving the brand an enthusiasm to grow more and come up with more styles of affordable DriFit styles for the stay fit, stay healthy population of India.
The new fashion space of DriFit cloth and the brand ROYALEWAY which is shaping the cloth into amazing designs taking care of Fashion, comfort style together with an amazing happy experience, both will always be named together for contributing to the boiled revolution, the stay fit revolution.
               As the DriFit Range of ROYALEWAY strongly believes in one thing which is:
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