The vibrant new Bio-Wash Cotton Round Neck T-Shirt.

The vibrant new Bio-Wash Cotton Round Neck T-Shirt.

The Bio-Wash style of Tees have, over the last couple of years, gained unprecedented popularity and have been the order of the day as far as the fashion industry goes. The general consumer demand for this style of Tees has been gaining traction and the trend, across the globe, seems to go only upwards. Talking about Bio-Wash briefly, it is a finishing process that helps enhance the quality of fabric by reducing its vagueness and pilling tendency. It adds precision and finesse to the knitted fabric, and makes it look complete and more immaculately finished, while also making it feel a lot more softening. It’s about as simple as removing the small fiber ends that seem to protrude from the surface of the yarn. Bio-Wash is important to remove hairiness of the fabric. A hairy fabric is as insipid and unpleasant to look at as it is to wear and feel. It also helps prevent material sticking, something that also dramatically improves handling as well as the appearance of the fabric.

Over the last three years, we, Royaleway, have carefully and consciously worked to build a reputation as being a brand that listens to its customers and makes quick, but well researched and meticulous changes. In line with this idea, we came up with our own line of Bio-Wash T- Shirts, knitted entirely out of top notch Cotton. In line with the demands, we made it round neck and also came up with some of the most exciting and alluring colors. Needless to say, our line of Bio-Wash T-Shirts proved to be an instant hit and before we realized, we had pre-orders that would keep our design Team busy for months, designing different styles and sizes. Talking about sizes, we have launched two or three different fittings for each size, considering how every individual’s body-fit can be different. Therefore, there’s a size and fit available for almost everyone. Our strong Research and Development Team, working in tandem with a Quality Control Team that strictly adheres to our preset norms and rules, makes sure we strictly serve top- bracket, zero-compromise Tees. Should any discrepancies or even the most marginal of errors be found, we make sure the complete batch goes rejected and gets replaced by fresh stock. This helps us make sure that our consumers always get the best of us, which, we can assure, is in line with some of the most established brands in the Market. We understand the fact that such zero-compromise policies are what will help us build a great reputation and establish ourselves as a force to reckon with in the Market, and we make sure we adhere to them as strictly as possible. Coming back to the Bio-Wash Tees, we have used and will continue to use 100% Ring Spun Combed Bio Wash Cotton which is the most durable currently available for mass use. The end product, apart from being anti-pilling, is incredibly soft to touch and, at the same time, astoundingly stylish and flamboyant in its appearance. Available in a wide array of vibrant colors, they are an easy pick and you can’t go wrong with either of the colors. Needless to say, apart from keeping our customers in sync with the latest trends of the Fashion Industry, these Tees also ensure great comfort and ease, something we have always believed to be instrumental as far as Clothes go.

We have, in order to fulfil rising demand, recently launched this product in an extravagant Black Heather, White Heather, Navy Heather, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Military Green, Red and Black Color already available across all sizes and fits. The Black Heather is a great addition to the existing portfolio and adds a potential option for our customers. It’s great to wear at a favorite hangout place or even at sports events. It is seamless to carry off and with its undefiled finish, it’s pleasant to look at as well. We even print customized designs or texts. As mentioned earlier, Bio-Wash ensures that stray fibres are removed, paving way for a smooth surface. The smoother, softer look ensures the Tees look as fresh as ever. They also age quite beautifully. What adds to the beauty of this line of clothing is that the differences between Bio-Wash and non-biowash are quite easy to notice even with naked eye. One look at the fabric and you know it’s Bio-Washed, which, in a way, also boosts value for money. We intend to keep producing high-quality bio-wash Tees and will try and cater to the rising demands, more so in Pan India, where youngsters now want to keep up with global trends as far as fashion goes.

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